Monday, June 13, 2016

Collected Culture | 1: Stones, Roads, and Skies.

A few things that I've watched, read, ate, or listened to, that I think you should too! This series (or whatever it will become), is something I created to restart my blogging game, cause if you haven't noticed, I haven't posted in over a year. And trust me, I have a good excuse for why, but I'm afraid those excuses might convince me to stop blogging again (I'm that convincing, haha!)

Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones (1981)

Once upon a night, I started stalking The Rolling Stones on Wikipedia and Youtube, a little over a year ago. This was one of the first songs I heard from them, and I used to listen to it non-stop, so when it came on shuffle just a few days ago, history repeated itself, and I can't seem to stop listening to it now. 

Two for the Road directed by Stanley Donen (1967)

I've been watching more Hepburn films this summer, and trust me I never get tired of her. This has got to be one of my favorite films out there, mostly for it's cinematography (biased because they filmed most of it in Europe, and I'm a sucker for that continent) and it's story line!

Not only my favorite, but a favorite of my dad as well (says a lot cause he doesn't watch that much movies), this movie is timeless, and will take you to the beautiful places you'd want to visit.

Synopsis: A couple in the south of France non-sequentially spin down the highways of infidelity in their troubled ten-year marriage. IMDB

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (2010)

Read this book in one sitting, and I definitely cringed, laughed and went downhill in those hours. It's such a great book, and although I couldn't really relate to the character, Lennie, with her loss, I could only imagine what she was going through.

Characters are on point, dialogues as well, and the plot twist at the end made me close my book and go full on 'WTF just happened?'

Hey, don't you ever get annoyed that present tense 'read' and past tense 'read' is spelled the same. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Should I get an SLR?

While other people's reek of questions relating to their personal lives, my frequently asked questions are all related to my camera as well as my photos. It's not my place to give instructions on how to take good photos, mainly cause a) there are loads of more qualified people you can ask, and b) I am in no means a professional. Nevertheless, I'd love to share my 'photography' story (or instagram story, whichever you prefer). Trust me, before VSCO, my favorite filter was 'Valencia' (and I still use it from time to time).
Taken at New York City, USA with an iPhone 5 camera

I am a true believer that good photos do not come from expensive cameras, but come from a good photographer, quality and resolution aside. A great photo can come from a point and shoot -- heck even an old Nokia phone (again quality and resolution disregarded).

Taken at Anilao, Batangas, Philippines with Canon Powershot D30

I started out with a Canon Ixus, which was their line of point-and-shoot cameras, then a few years later, I got my first SLR, which was a Canon 500D. I had to admit, I labeled myself as a photographer, mainly cause I had an SLR. But what annoyed me so much was that my dad took better photos than me, while using the same camera. It's a petty reason that pushed me to take better photos, I know. A few years passed, and I finally got a hang of things (trust me it took a lot of time), I've gotten to upgrade my equipment.

Taken at Anvaya Cove, Bataan, Philippines with GoPro Hero 4

Hold on, I thought good photos wasn't because of the camera?

When you grow as a photographer, you find things that are missing with your current camera. You look for more sharpness, depth, and quality, where high-end cameras provide. Though right now, a lot of point-and-shoot cameras offer similar things as a DSLR, they're still quite different.
Taken at Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany using a Canon 5D Mark II.

So, should I get an SLR?

If you really want to pursue photography, even as a hobby, I suggest you do get one, or at least practice with one beforehand. 

Personally, I find SLRs such a hassle while travelling, but I still bring it just in case my phone can't take the photo I want (low light, zooming in, quality, etc.).

To date, I mainly use two cameras, my iPhone 6 and a Canon 5D Mark II. 

This post wasn't proofread, so if there are any grammatical errors, spellings or weird sounding sentences, I apologize and please do tell me! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Homecoming

Blogging has been always a passion of mine, but laziness is a habit that interferes with my passions. It's been a few months of back and forth from different types of blogging platforms, as well as a few months of hectic schoolwork and lazy days.

Perhaps it's the microblogging that Instagram provides that caused me to lack motivation to post on an actual blog, or maybe it really is my laziness -- but I'm working on it.

And a way for me to overcome the bad habit is probably coming home to something that interests and excites me, so yeah, I'm back.

Was that too dramatic, or was it A plus?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kendall + Kylie x Topshop

If there's one clothing brand that I want to be my closet, it would be Topshop. When the Kendall + Kylie collection was announced to be launched on June 3, I made it a point to visit the store. The flower prints immediately caught my attention and the white tops. I just felt like some of the other items are clothes that will be deemed overdressed, at least here in the Philippines. So in the end, I ended up buying two items from their collection (and asked for the hangers too).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bohol: In Which I Didn't Actually Visit the Chocolate Hills

When we were kids, our Social Studies teachers have always mentioned that Bohol is famous for it's Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills. But let me tell you what else it's famous for, it's diving sites, it's caves and it's Bee Farm. My trip to Bohol was too much of an adventure, although I really didn't get to see the Chocolate Hills or the Tarsiers.

On our first day, we arrived around 9 am in the morning, and immediately dove (scuba diving) at around 11 am. After three dives, we decided to go to our resort's house reef, and have a night dive. 

It was my first night dive, and definitely not the last, especially because I'm preparing for an Open Water II license in PADI. It was cold, and series of unfortunate events happened. First, our captain in our boat lost the key, so we we're practically stuck in the sea at 7pm, then we decided to just use the rubber boat. So when we were already at our descent, I had a very difficult time equalising with the pressure, considering that the temperature was really cold. So I signalled for help from my Dive Instructor/Dive Buddy, and told him the problem. So we went up a few feet more, and once I actually got to equalise, I deflated my BCD. When I was going down, I hit a coral real hard. It stung so bad, so I had to check my wet suit, and saw that I actually hit a sea urchin, and it's spikes are stuck onto my wet suit. There goes the story of how I ended up having my feet soaked into hot water (and not pee), and the Calamansi (Filipino lemon, I think?) melting the leftover spikes in my skin.

On our last day, our flight was scheduled at around 4:30 pm, going from Tagbilaran to Manila. At around 3:40, the airport staff were announcing a cancelled flight, due to an airplane stuck at the runway. There were only three flights in that small airport, so it was bound that our flight was to be cancelled. My dad rushed to the ticketing office nearby, and then the best option was to take a ferry at 5:30 pm going to Cebu, and from Cebu there is a flight to Manila at 10, and so we took the chance. 

We arrived the pier and settled at the pier at 5:10, with 20 more minutes to spare. Afterwards, the ferry started to board in passengers and we left at 6:14 pm (I remember I was on my phone). We arrived Cebu at around 8:05 pm and got into a car at around 8:30 pm. Finally we arrived the airport at  9 pm and boarded at 9:45, as the last people to board the plane. 

In the end I got a whole row to myself, and interesting experiences, both good and bad. I'm looking forward for more trips around the Philippines and more unfortunate and fortunate stories to tell.