Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Filipinos are Givers of Hope

Hey Everyone! I hope you are doing well.

For the past two weeks, my school has been offering prayers for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Furthermore, for the past few days, the typhoon was also integrated to our subjects. The individuals of the class were given opportunities to share their opinions.

There were a lot of points shared by the class, ranging from media censorship to our interaction with the other countries. And I’d like to share some points of theirs that made my head nod vigorously.

(These points are all based on opinions; I don’t want to start a waaaar)

1.     The media should not focus on the negative side of the story/event.

What is sad about these days is that media is racing on getting the first worst news, just to get the opportunity to say that they were the first to witness it. I am NOT implying this to every media company, but this is from our perspective. I think what news reporters can improve on is showing the brighter side of the story. I am highly positive that there is a sunnier side.

2.     Filipinos are family-oriented.

My classmate believes that family comes in first, as well as your faith in God. She tells us how most Filipinos will feel comfort knowing that they are safe with their family members by their side. Food and shelter comes in second.

3.     The Filipinos are givers of hope.

Our countrymen who were not affected by the super typhoon immediately reacted and took action. From raising awareness via virtual posters to various relief operations and donations, the Filipinos truly are a giver of hope.

I hope you were able to learn from some of the different opinions of the class. So, how were you able to partake in helping our brothers and sisters in the Visayas region?

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  1. Hello! I got on your blog from Wanderrgirl's. What you got going on in here is pretty neat! :)

    I believe, as exhausting as it is to listen to bad news, in this case we do need to know where efforts fail so we'd have a wider perspective of how bad things are. Marami pa din lugar na hindi naaabot :( But I do get you, in that we do need to find little treasures that are buried in the rubble.

    Cheers, and have a good day! :)