Friday, December 6, 2013

By The Way, While I Was M.I.A | November

By The Way, While I Was M.I.A | November -- Instagram Diary

I have so much to throwback about, and an endless list to blog about. (Okay, the list is not that long) But here's November's instadiary!

1. We started our band practice right after semestral break. Yes I am in a band (believe it or not), our name's Sold Out, which leads me to number 2…

2. We celebrated our first anniversary together! It was pretty fun, we watched tons of movies, I ate chili and they slept over. I kind of finished the cake, the morning after.

3. My best friend, Alyssa, celebrated her birthday last November 7, and we celebrated it last November 16.

4. For TLE, we had to make our own strawberry jam (it was assigned to our group). I proudly designed our packaging, and made our commercial!

5. This was during our outbound, we were stuck in traffic and we had a stopover at Calamba, Laguna. We took that opportunity to take this photo. 

6. Backseat Girls, most probably the last time I'd be seated with them at the backseat of the bus. (Weepfest).

Yes, there is another photo set. It's either a lot happened, or I post too much on instagram, and I think it's the latter.

1. 'Family Picture' with Mommy A and Tito L. Okay meet my class adviser and co-adviser. Awesome people!

2. Scheark/Schaerk attack!! (I feel so bad that until now I don't know how to spell my class' nickname)

3. The next day, we had our sportsfest. (Yes, right after our outbound) Gretchen Ho was our guest speak, me and my friend, Isabelle, were literally screaming when she mentioned Robi Domingo's name.

Fun fact: This happened earlier this year

(okay my twitter username back then was pretty embarrassing)

4. And that same day, my bandmate and one of my close friend, Ate Rica, celebrated her birthday! 

5. Yes, and selfies were a must that night. I've met new friends too!

6. As our preparation for our Academic Festival, we had a photo tableau for Religion. And me and my friends had to take a photo with our very energetic Religion teacher.

Yeah, there's a third photo set. I really think I post a lot of photos on instagram. And these photos aren't even the half of what I posted for November.

1. Sunflower and cupcakes a day before my birthday! (That served as my birthday cake, because they forgot to buy me a birthday cake not that I'm bitter about it but okay I really am okay I should stop)

2. The night before my birthday, my friends and I had a karaoke session! (a screamfest actually)

3. And for my birthday, we went to the mind museum, for Da Vinci's exhibit. It was the last day, and I was dying to see it!

That wraps up my November, it was pretty eventful and hectic! It also flashed by so fast! 

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