Saturday, December 7, 2013

Family Day 2013

Finally, a blogpost about one of our school's highly anticipated event, Family Day! (Trust me, it's better late than never) Allow me to share how my day worked. (And if you're not interested in stories, you can just scroll down to see photos I took) (And if still not interested, you can go ahead and x this tab or window.)

At 6 am, I headed to school (okay I'm not sure if it was 6 am, but it was early!!). I was one of the first to arrive, thus, our classroom was still locked. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the classroom was unlocked, and I started my business. By business, I mean, I started caking my classmates' faces with make up. It was pretty hectic with the amount of time we had (before the picture taking) and how many they were who needed to be decorated. 

And if you're confused with what is happening, here's the story. Every year, the high school department of my school, holds a dance production. 

Dance Production — It’s a dance competition for the whole year level, with a specific theme. For us freshmen, we had Philippine Ethnic Dances. For every class, you have a director, lead choreographer, music-in-charge, costume designer and props-in-charge. Thus, the dance production committee.

(and yes I did quote myself from here)
Fortunately, (I don't know if you should say fortunately, because we worked our butts off), we chimed in 1st Runner Up or Second Place! 

 Definitely necessary! Now if you follow my instagram, my feed is 80% ootd, so…

The day was eventful, but me and my friends spent most of it, lounging at our school's lawn. (Those three photos aren't even1% of the number of photos we took, not kidding)

At (almost) sunset, I spent the rest of my day with them! (1/2 of ILABMO) 

We got to go on stage with Sandwich!! 

That sums up my Family Day! How did you spend your family day, or maybe your school fair?

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