Sunday, December 29, 2013

SONG DISSECTION: Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

Give Me Love is a song written by Ed Sheeran, an English singer-songwriter, for his debut album + (plus). 

First and foremost, I would love to express my love for this song. Everything about this song is perfect! The metaphors, lyrics, melody, instruments used, words and probably even the letters! (okay don't exaggerate Alex). 

After listening to this song for around a hundred times this year, and I am not lying, you can go ahead and check my iTunes. I wanted to share my thoughts about this song, and how I interpreted the whole song. Before I start the 'dissection', this is all of course, opinionated. 


Let's assume that the persona is played by Ed.

Here are a few lines that I think are crucial to get the meaning of the song:

Give me love, like her. Cause lately I've been waking up alone.

This can be interpreted as Ed having compare the current state of their relationship, with the one they used to have when the relationship was new. Her refers to the girl he fell in love with and not the girl who she is right now. In simpler terms, the girl probably changed overtime. One reason with him feeling that way is both parties distancing from each other, hence the line "lately I've been waking up alone"

Give me love like never before, cause lately I've been craving more.
This line can be an evidence to how Ed is getting tired of their 'routine' as a couple. Which means that there's no spice or excitement in the relationship. He is craving for something new in their relationship. Again this can probably be caused by the two drifting apart.

Give a little time or burn this out.
This line is an indication that Ed is giving the girl a choice to 'mend' the relationship, or to let it burn out. Seems like Ed is willing to fix it.


The song starts out soft, which can be an indication of how Ed was patient in wanting to fix their relationship. As the song progresses and the chorus is played, the song gets louder, which can be translated into 'please I really am trying to fix this relationship'. By the time we hit the bridge (the my my my and love me part), this can be  a hint that he is starting to become impatient, probably because the girl is not responding, or doing her part. And we he starts yelling 'LOVE ME', this can be a sign of his passion for the relationship, and probably the climax of the song because in the end, I interpret it as him giving up on the relationship.

Mainly, the song is about a failing relationship. How one partner is distancing from the other. Having Ed desperate to fix the relationship, and the other not making an effort at all. In the end, Ed giving up on the relationship.

I hope you had fun reading, or probably scanning on what I've had to say! I appreciate it! Pardon my wrong grammar, never said I was a good writer. If you haven't heard the song, you have to listen to it, right now. (demanding much?)

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