Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Twenty Thirteen Awards!

I had to take that shot around three times, and clean up after every attempt. It's been a year, and let's go ahead and start with the awards! Some of the items here weren't released during 2013, but then I got to read/watch during 2013, so it counts!

Go. Ahead. Judge. Me. I have to admit, the book wasn't well written, it had a few grammatical errors and an effed up plot. This won as my best book of the year award because it had me falling in love with the characters, hook, line and sinker. I really, really, loved the book and can't wait for the movie! (Am I a perv now? I think so)

(image from: Summer 2013 Magazine
(images of Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder are from: Google)

Best Movie Award: Something Borrowed (2011)
(Runner Ups: 21 Jump Street, The Purge)
I watched this during the summer, as part of my "I need to watch more movies" resolution. I LOVE the story line, I've read the book afterwards. I love the casting and the chemistry between characters. And the script, and love the actors! I highly recommend this when you want to watch a good chick flick! Watch it with your friends, I watched it once with mine, and it was so fun!

(image from: here)

Best TV Series: The Vampire Diaries
(Runner Ups: The Originals, White Collar
I admit, I started watching the series because of Ian Somerhalder, but I did not stick with the series because of him. I sticked with it because I LOVE THE STORY, AND THE CHARACTERS. My favorite would probably be Rebekah Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes! Who am I kidding, I love everyone from the show!

(image from: here)

I had so much fun making this blog post! I finally got to cross out some things from my bucket list. This was originally an entry to Wanderrgirl's blogging challenge. I'm looking forward to make more posts like this!

This isn't my favorite, but it's the most memorable. That is because this is the first time ever I was featured in a band's Facebook page! This is also one of two posters I've made that I won something! I remember crying because of this.

Best Event: Project X
Our annual band fest changed everything! I remember being in 6th grade, telling myself that I had to perform in our band fest, and there you have it, dreams do come true. I am not exaggerating when I say that everything changed after this, it really did! And I am forever grateful for that event.

Best Photoset: Anvaya Cove 2013
I am in love with those photos, I usually reuse them for any typography I make. It was so fun taking photos of them, and makes you think what makes your photos different from the rest.

This is my favorite video of the year, mainly because it brings me so much feels! Also it wasn't recorded on anything fancy, just my iPhone, and it turned out great!

I can't help but smile every time I see this photo. It's so cute! I mean it was like 3 am when we made this photo, and we ransacked the closet just to match their clothes! This was so fun!

Most Favorited Tweet: Be Careful Who You Trust, The Devil Was Once An Angel
Runner Ups:

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