Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Thirteen Tracks for 2013

2013 was definitely a year of new music, for me. With the release of the new records of the different bands/artists I listen to (This Century, The Maine, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Selena Gomez, etc.) and to a few artists I've known for a while now and decided to actually listen to them (Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Kings of Leon, etc.). Here are a few songs that I've listed as songs that made up my year. These songs may have some significance to me, or I really had a bad case of LSS with these songs. Enjoy!


Love Story (Cover) by The Right Coast
Why it's listed: 
  • This was the song we performed (Sold Out) at our school's bandfest. I feel that it's necessary to list this because it gives me this nostalgic feeling of how we spent a month or so playing this. 
Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran
Why it's listed: 
  • This is a song I've listened to throughout the year. From early March until now.
  • Embarrassing enough to admit it to the whole webiverse, I kind of wrote a fanfic based on the song. 
  • Other than the lyrics, the melody and instruments added to the meaning of the song, which makes the song more powerful. [READ MY BLOGPOST ON THE SONG DISSECTION OF GIVE ME LOVE HERE]
  • I mean, COME ON, how can you not love this song?!
Slow Dance Night by This Century
Why it's listed:

  • This is not entirely the first single that was released from their album, Biography of Heartbreak. (Bleach Blonde and Skeletons were released beforehand). But this is the single that was released AFTER their announcement. Fell in love with it immediately.
  • The beginning is so enticing, the guitar riffs are something I sing, yes sing. (TUUUN, TUN TUN TUUUUN, TUNUNUNUNUN. I can be annoying if I want to)
  • They released their second music video (I don't really consider tour videos with their songs on it as a music video) with this single!
  • Every road trip of the summer, this is how my playlist started. Also, I like conceptualizing my own version of the music video.
  • It's This Century, it's obligatory.
Indigo Girl by This Century (Acoustic)
Why it's listed:
  • Ever since their second visit here in Manila, I've been hooked on this song!
  • It's so sweet! I mean really, I have to emphasize on acoustic because the feel of the song is better acoustic than the other way around.
  • Please refer to last answer on the previous song
  • I was so moved with this song, I made a poster about it. (And it's my favorite design so far) 
Stolen by Dashboard Confessional
Why it's listed:
  • During our talk about poetry and personas, my english teacher mentioned that this was her favorite song. Which was kind of cool, because it's one of the songs I've been listening to earlier this year, and I've known this song since I was younger. 
  • This is embarrassing, but I've always dreamed of slow dancing to this song with a guy, I mean HOW ROMANTIC WOULD THAT BE? (Totally)
  • I like the slower version than the up beat one.
A Love Like War by All Time Low feat. Vic Fuentes
Why it's listed:
  • It's All Time Low how can it not be listed
  • The song is so powerful, especially the instruments. 
  • You have no idea how many times I've been LSS-ed to this song. (Maybe around 31294871290471 times)
  • I kind of thought it sounded like Viva La Vida by Coldplay
All The Way by All-Star Weekend
Why it's listed:
  • I know the lyrics aren't wholesome or something, but it's so catchy! 
  • It was one of the few songs I got to sing along during their visit here in the Philippines.
Notions by Kings of Leon
Why it's listed: 
  • It's funny how I discovered this song, I was looking around youtube for Ian Somerhalder's Penshoppe video, and when I found it this was the background music. 
  • Caleb's voice will always be sexy.
How to be a Heartbreak by Marina and the Diamonds
Why it's listed: 
  • This was the song that made me a huge fan of Marina and The Diamonds. Ever since I've listened to it, I've been hooked!
  • The song shows girl power! 
  • Catchy riff
  • Sophomore Year jam!

Sad Songs by The Maine
Why it's listed:
  • T H E  M A I N E 
  • I love how the song tells a story, but knowing The Maine, you have to have a cryptex to understand what they really mean.
  • They keep improving as musicians, I can never be prouder! 
  • This is my favorite song off of their album, Forever Halloween.
Kennedy Curse by The Maine
Why it's listed:
  • Please refer to answer number one in the previous song.
  • At first, when I saw this on their track list, I honestly thought Kennedy Brock (member of The Maine) will be cursing in the song. Mainly because I wasn't familiar with the Kennedy Curse. I get it now though.
  • Sophomore Jam!
Ever Enough by A Rocket to The Moon
Why it's listed:
  • The song is so sweet! First time I heard it, I had to stop what I was doing by the time the song reached the first chorus. After that, it went on repeat for a few days!
  • The music video makes me cry every time I watch it. It's so moving and I  just… I can't even explain it in words.
  • This kind of reminded me of Like We Used To by A Rocket to the Moon.
Call It All Home by A Rocket to the Moon
Why it's listed:
  • With the band breaking up, this song makes me emotional. A Rocket to the Moon, is the first ever band I've fell in love with, as in head over heels. If it wasn't for A Rocket to the Moon I would not have discovered The Maine and other bands. Without discovering The Maine, I'd probably never met some of the people I consider my best friends. 
  • It's their whole journey as a band in one song.
  • I really can't express how much I love this song

So that's my Top Thirteen Tracks for 2013! Hope you enjoyed, and I do recommend you listening to these songs, it might end up on your top fourteen tracks of 2014. 

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