Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Resolution

2014 Resolution: The less complain and just go with the flow movement

At first, I was supposed to post an instadiary for the month of December, but I realized that it's better to start the first post of 2014 with one goal I'd be focusing on this year.

Over the years, I've developed as a person both physically, mentally and emotionally. I've learned to cope with things, be responsible and have a good time. One thing I'd like to improve on is my excessive complaining. Whining is human nature, I believe, everyone does it. I just think that I do it excessively that it hurts people around me, and restricts me from being contented.

I admit, I can be a little perfectionist. I want things to go the way I've planned it. And it would honestly spoil my mood if it didn't, I would complain all day long on how it was ruined, etc. This can put me off as spoiled, which I agree, I am in terms of the events happening around.

Most of my friends have heard me complain about certain things I don't want to do and am appointed to do. A few events in my life that I was extremely pissed off, that I start complaining and actually hurt some people while doing that (with words though, I don't even have the strength carry my Biology book, what more to punch a person) (I did say sorry though.) After looking back at those times, I realized, whatever complain you make, or how much you complain about it, it will still happen. Also, what's done is done, theres no use in crying over spilled milk, the only thing you can do is suck up your feelings and clean it up. (But of course, go ahead and complain if something bad is bothering you, etc.)

I'm trying this less complain and just go with the flow movement this year, are you in?

Have a good year!

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