Friday, January 17, 2014

My 8123 Experience.

There are a few things in life you would never trade anything for. Whether it's your expensive designer bag, your dog, etc. I personally wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

(You could press read more, to read more or simply scroll down to see photos, or view this video at the end of the post.) 

I actually decided to split my whole experience into four phases:

Breakfast, occurred during, well… breakfast. This isn't just any breakfast, it's breakfast with some of the 8123 artists. 

The Meet & Greet, occurred during the official meet and greet that came with the package I bought. 

The Concert, occurred after the meet and greet. This is basically where all sweat, tears, laughter, and voices were revealed. 

And we have The Signing, which basically ends my experience, and starts the Post Concert Depression.

Let's start! (And I'll try to be brief so I wouldn't bore you)

PHASE ONE: The Breakfast.

This story is one of the living proofs of great timing. (Overreacting, I'm sorry). The night before, I asked my parents if they wanted to have a date with me and eat breakfast in the Cocoon Hotel (where the bands were staying, this may seem taboo in some countries, but it's perfectly fine!). When they asked the reason why, I told them immediately that my favorite bands are all staying there. Just mentioning food, my dad was easy to bribe. While my mom, too, was easy to bribe, because she's been hearing me talking about The Maine non-stop since 6th grade. 

What happened was simple, we went up to their restaurant, and sat down. At 7:45, I was losing my mind and losing hope that they'd actually go down stairs. So I decided to take a photo of the pool, just because Jared (from The Maine) took a picture of it. When I got back to my chair, there I saw Sean Silverman and Ryan Gose of This Century, just walking in. 

I saw my dad and mom smiling at me, and encouraging me to go ahead. That's when I took my photo with them, after saying sorry to be rude. 

Then one by one the boys started going downstairs, and I felt so happy for the great timing! 

And so fortunate to technically eat breakfast with them, having them right beside the table I was in. 

PHASE TWO: The Meet and Greet

I'm going to go ahead and bullet form this.

  • Unfortunately, Ryan didn't remember me from breakfast.
  • I had a selfie with Joel (didn't see him during breakfast)
  • Sean remembered me! We talked about shoe sizes, and how we should exchange shoes sometime. Aww I love Sean so much. (He's so sweet every time I met him, and starts conversations.)
  • First hug with John O'Callaghan 
  • I felt so guilty because I was so occupied that I didn't get to hug the others
  • JOHN REMEMBERED ME, "Yeah! You ate breakfast with your folks a while ago!" 
  • I told The Maine, that if they needed someone on stage for We'll All Be, I'm their girl. 
  • Pat, please stop being cute.
  • Jared, did you just copy my stage face?
  • Kenny, did you just laugh at my joke?
  • Garrett, I was so tempted not to touch your hair.
  • Group hug please?
  • Oh hey Nick, you look so handsome in person, not that you aren't in photos.
  • Oh hey high five, wait okay never mind hug.
  • I feel so clingy.
  • How am I still alive?!

PHASE THREE: The Concert
Meet my concert buddy for the day:

Before I go ahead and share what happened, I just wanted to appreciate the photo. It's unedited (although I placed some text on it). Nick's set was so hard to shoot, due to the lighting. 

I'm the kind of person who stands at the back, during concerts. I love dancing to the music, rather than getting pushed in the crowd. Not that I'm high maintenance or something, I just find the back more enjoyable.

  • This Century performed My Weakness. FAVORITE SONG OFF THE ALBUM
  • This Century performed Running (from their 2009 EP) AND I THOUGHT I WOULDN'T HEAR ANYTHING FROM THEIR 2009 EP.
  • I've seen Ho Ho Hopefully Live.
  • I've seen Run live.
  • I've seen The Maine live
  • All of my favorite bands are in one line up.
I can't even.

PHASE FOUR: The Signing

Few things I loved about the signing:
  • This was genuinely the sweetest thing any band I've known done for their fans. After jet lags and all the soundcheck, media, and their performance, they still had time for the signing. And let me just say that this was for three hours.
  • I was like: Hey, it's you again!
  • John was like: Yeah, first the breakfast, then the meet and greet….
  • "Hey, can you write a dedication"
  • Sean: Hey breakfast buddy!
  • Pat: I love breakfast!
  • Me: Me too, especially french toast!
  • Sean: Yeah, that's what I had, what did you get?
  • Me: My mom ordered for me.
  • Both: Laughs
  • As I was leaving, Pat grabbed my wrist and was like "Did you have fun? Did you enjoy the show?"

Bonus: If you didn't read that, here's an overview of my experience!

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