Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink & Proper: An Outfit. [Two Outfits Actually]

I apologize, it's been a while (a month actually) I've been caught up with school and officer duties, by the time I was free, all I wanted to do was to unwind. Also, its been a while since my last 'outfit' post (four months to be exact).

Anyways, a few days back (almost a month ago too), I went out with my mom and sister to watch Wicked! Fun fact is that I really love watching musicals, they're so inviting and so magical. I also can't help but regret not taking acting classes when I was a toddler (not like it was practical or something).

This was the proposed outfit I was supposed to wear during the musical. But then things changed (I took a nap and had little time to change and prep), so I decided to wear what I was wearing during the day, and just changed into heels.


Can't even comprehend how this year passed by so quickly!

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