Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hue Granted!

Okay, this is going to be a long story (and excuse the weird arms).

Yesterday, I had my hair redid (redid sounds weird, trust me I had to search if my grammar was correct). Which was weird, since I had my hair dyed just a week ago (here's the post).

What unfortunately happened was the color faded immediately, and my hair turned into different colours which resembled fire streaks (which of course I didn't really like). So I went out to try another salon people from instagram recommend.

When they were about to do my hair, they explained how my hair wasn't bleached correctly since for one chunk of bleached hair, it was bleached then normal hair then bleached again (I'm not good at describing on what happened). And so the salon managed to fix my hair, which I am so grateful about! Moreover, everything about Color My Hair Manila was so inviting from it's atmosphere to Marina and the Diamonds blasting the speakers to their animated and reassuring team!

P.S. I'm judging you if you didn't laugh at my post's title. (Okay, you're excused if you don't know who Hugh Grant is).

Class Party

With approximately 31/46 in attendance, we had our class party. It was definitely fun from the chicken lollipop to the newspaper dance. 

Pre-Close Up Summer Forever

I am very aware of how outdated this post is. But last March 17, I hung out with my friend, Riella, as part of our pre-Close Up hangs. We did some shopping and watched Starting Over Again, which I would say made me tear up so much! I honestly loved how the two didn't actually end up together, since it was more realistic than idealistic.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

School's Over, Let's Sleepover.

Photo 1: Last saturday, my 'barkada' and I had this get together. (Okay, honestly we weren't complete, and I'm starting to think that we would never be complete. #pessimistic).

Photo 2 & 4: We basically watched the ADMU vs. DLSU women's volleyball game, and I wasn't sure which team I was rooting for. Hence, the green shorts and blue shirt. You can watch our reactions on these instavids: 1 & 2. (Courtesy of Frances)

Photo 3: We we're playing Marco Polo without the lights on, and the shelf collapsed. HILARIOUS!

Not in the photo set: We actually made a music video for Stay The Night, did the Gentleman dance and filmed a Harlem Shake. Then, we watched Now You See Me, and as usual I fell asleep. Afterwards, we went ahead and watched youtube videos and tell stories throughout the night. Lastly, we slept way past our bedtime.

The first day of summer was well spent with my friends.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I Just Dyed.


Literally an hour after I was dismissed from school, or what I like to call 'the first hour of summer', I went straight to Z Square Banawe for my salon appointment. I was so excited to get my hair dyed! At first, I was supposed to have a cellophane for my whole head. However, upon learning that it might just last for a few weeks, I decided to get highlights instead (my mom didn't want me to dye my whole head, but she was perfectly fine with cellophane).

The first try of dyeing my hair was dyeing it over my natural hair color, which is black. After spending an hour of waiting for the dye to dry, it didn't really appear. That was when I decided that it was fine for my to have my hair bleached, and the salon agreed to redye it.

While that was happening, my mom had her hair dyed to red, as in Ariana Grande red. It was honestly fine, she rocked it! But then three days later, she decided to get rid of it, but maintained a tamer red.

And in case you're wondering, I dyed my hair purple, blue and magenta (which appears red). The stylist explained that after a few washes, it would actually lighten up, so I'm looking forward for that.

Kudos to Louis Phillip Kee Salon for doing our hair, woo!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Capturing Schaerks

(Maybe we can call this as a sequel to my post last year)

Change is permanent” For the last few weeks of school, this has been stressed out to us (by us, I mean my class). It was a reminder addressed to us that it was our last few weeks together as a class. (Okay, maybe its not all about that).

As the end of the school year grew closer, I got more sentimental/emotional/gushy than what I’ve actually expected to react. I’ve said “Hindi ba kayo nasesenti?” (“Don’t you feel sentimental?) more than I should have. That is for a simple reason that I couldn’t really let go of my class (please don’t sing let it go).

I have never met individuals who were so: outstanding in whatever field may they be in, sweet, in whatever endeavor they have, open-minded, in whatever misunderstandings that may have occurred and humble, in every success they have reached.

This post is not meant to give a conclusion about the last two school years with my class. This post has given me chance to look back and see how the class had gone so far. Serving as the unofficial (as unofficial as my relationship with John O’Callaghan) photographer of the class, here are 67 of my favorite photos.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Two Year Stay in the Student Council

Okay, in case you are unaware, I’m part of my school’s student council. At first I signed up as our Year Level Representative. Afterwards, I signed up as our school’s Public Relations Officer. I’d like to share some things I’ve learned during my stay.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
I always had this fear of asking question, scared that I might appear as annoying to my council-mates. However, the thing is, if you don’t ask, you’d end up doing the wrong thing. There is honestly nothing wrong with clarifying things, rather than creating problems because you missed the instructions.

Think Fast and Embody Acceptance
I manifested this mostly in my second year in the council. I’ve learned that not everything will go as planned, especially during events. When that happens, you have to accept the challenges presented by the situation and make the best out of what you have to resolve the predicament. (Gosh big word)

Be Practical
Hold three meetings in a day? Seriously? I’ve learned to use my common sense even more.

Be Confident.
Confidence is not only manifested by the way you talk or speak in front of the crowd. Confidence can be seen in how you handle different situations with grace.

And lastly, Love the People You Work With.
Being together for a year creates different memories. Cheerful, inviting or plain stressful, these memories with the people you work with makes everything worthwhile.

I can’t help but fall into tears after our turnover ceremony. Today marks the last day of my term as the Theresian Student Council’s Public Relations Officers and as a member of the student council.

For now