Sunday, March 16, 2014

Capturing Schaerks

(Maybe we can call this as a sequel to my post last year)

Change is permanent” For the last few weeks of school, this has been stressed out to us (by us, I mean my class). It was a reminder addressed to us that it was our last few weeks together as a class. (Okay, maybe its not all about that).

As the end of the school year grew closer, I got more sentimental/emotional/gushy than what I’ve actually expected to react. I’ve said “Hindi ba kayo nasesenti?” (“Don’t you feel sentimental?) more than I should have. That is for a simple reason that I couldn’t really let go of my class (please don’t sing let it go).

I have never met individuals who were so: outstanding in whatever field may they be in, sweet, in whatever endeavor they have, open-minded, in whatever misunderstandings that may have occurred and humble, in every success they have reached.

This post is not meant to give a conclusion about the last two school years with my class. This post has given me chance to look back and see how the class had gone so far. Serving as the unofficial (as unofficial as my relationship with John O’Callaghan) photographer of the class, here are 67 of my favorite photos.

(This isn't in order by the way)

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  1. great photos. :)) super cool, ang dami niyong outings & activities!