Monday, March 17, 2014

I Just Dyed.


Literally an hour after I was dismissed from school, or what I like to call 'the first hour of summer', I went straight to Z Square Banawe for my salon appointment. I was so excited to get my hair dyed! At first, I was supposed to have a cellophane for my whole head. However, upon learning that it might just last for a few weeks, I decided to get highlights instead (my mom didn't want me to dye my whole head, but she was perfectly fine with cellophane).

The first try of dyeing my hair was dyeing it over my natural hair color, which is black. After spending an hour of waiting for the dye to dry, it didn't really appear. That was when I decided that it was fine for my to have my hair bleached, and the salon agreed to redye it.

While that was happening, my mom had her hair dyed to red, as in Ariana Grande red. It was honestly fine, she rocked it! But then three days later, she decided to get rid of it, but maintained a tamer red.

And in case you're wondering, I dyed my hair purple, blue and magenta (which appears red). The stylist explained that after a few washes, it would actually lighten up, so I'm looking forward for that.

Kudos to Louis Phillip Kee Salon for doing our hair, woo!

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