Sunday, March 23, 2014

School's Over, Let's Sleepover.

Photo 1: Last saturday, my 'barkada' and I had this get together. (Okay, honestly we weren't complete, and I'm starting to think that we would never be complete. #pessimistic).

Photo 2 & 4: We basically watched the ADMU vs. DLSU women's volleyball game, and I wasn't sure which team I was rooting for. Hence, the green shorts and blue shirt. You can watch our reactions on these instavids: 1 & 2. (Courtesy of Frances)

Photo 3: We we're playing Marco Polo without the lights on, and the shelf collapsed. HILARIOUS!

Not in the photo set: We actually made a music video for Stay The Night, did the Gentleman dance and filmed a Harlem Shake. Then, we watched Now You See Me, and as usual I fell asleep. Afterwards, we went ahead and watched youtube videos and tell stories throughout the night. Lastly, we slept way past our bedtime.

The first day of summer was well spent with my friends.

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