Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hue Granted!

Okay, this is going to be a long story (and excuse the weird arms).

Yesterday, I had my hair redid (redid sounds weird, trust me I had to search if my grammar was correct). Which was weird, since I had my hair dyed just a week ago (here's the post).

What unfortunately happened was the color faded immediately, and my hair turned into different colours which resembled fire streaks (which of course I didn't really like). So I went out to try another salon people from instagram recommend.

When they were about to do my hair, they explained how my hair wasn't bleached correctly since for one chunk of bleached hair, it was bleached then normal hair then bleached again (I'm not good at describing on what happened). And so the salon managed to fix my hair, which I am so grateful about! Moreover, everything about Color My Hair Manila was so inviting from it's atmosphere to Marina and the Diamonds blasting the speakers to their animated and reassuring team!

P.S. I'm judging you if you didn't laugh at my post's title. (Okay, you're excused if you don't know who Hugh Grant is).

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