Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Two Year Stay in the Student Council

Okay, in case you are unaware, I’m part of my school’s student council. At first I signed up as our Year Level Representative. Afterwards, I signed up as our school’s Public Relations Officer. I’d like to share some things I’ve learned during my stay.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
I always had this fear of asking question, scared that I might appear as annoying to my council-mates. However, the thing is, if you don’t ask, you’d end up doing the wrong thing. There is honestly nothing wrong with clarifying things, rather than creating problems because you missed the instructions.

Think Fast and Embody Acceptance
I manifested this mostly in my second year in the council. I’ve learned that not everything will go as planned, especially during events. When that happens, you have to accept the challenges presented by the situation and make the best out of what you have to resolve the predicament. (Gosh big word)

Be Practical
Hold three meetings in a day? Seriously? I’ve learned to use my common sense even more.

Be Confident.
Confidence is not only manifested by the way you talk or speak in front of the crowd. Confidence can be seen in how you handle different situations with grace.

And lastly, Love the People You Work With.
Being together for a year creates different memories. Cheerful, inviting or plain stressful, these memories with the people you work with makes everything worthwhile.

I can’t help but fall into tears after our turnover ceremony. Today marks the last day of my term as the Theresian Student Council’s Public Relations Officers and as a member of the student council.

For now

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  1. Alex, I wish you the best of luck! ;-) -ate Kate