Monday, April 14, 2014

Japan 2014 / 1: The City

(Photo and Edit by Alexandra Chua)

Hello! How's everyone? So today, I embarked on an adventure to Japan (together with my mom, and my cousins, aunt and uncle). I have to say, it wasn't my first time in a foreign country, and wasn't my first time in Japan. Nevertheless, every trip is a new experience and adventure. Take a look at my first day in the land of the sushi! 

I have always been fascinated with airplane rides. How you can transfer to another continent in a matter of hours. 

Window seats are the best! (Unless you're the type of person who uses the washroom a lot, window seats are a hassle then). When you're seated there, you could have the most comfortable sleeping position and have a beautiful view outside (except when you're at sky high).

Like I said, sitting at the window seat has it's perks. This was taken upon arrival at the Japan border. It looks so sleek, especially the second photo!

Mirror selfie! I had to have a change of outfit because what I wore on the plane ride was a knit sweater with big holes (which was not acceptable with the weather here in Japan: 18 degrees and windy).

Authentic Japanese food! I love Japanese food, especially Ramen (wherein I would reserve for the latter part of the tour).

And what I love about Japan is their attitude -- disciplined, respectful and humble. It's refreshing! Also, how safe it is to roam around the streets at 10 pm in the evening.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer Sun.

Around two weeks ago, me and my friends went to the beach. It was my first time going to the beach with my friends, so it was extremely fun. We just lounged around, honestly, dipped in the pool and attempted to make sand castles. In between every activity, we had snacks (chilli fries and fruit shakes to be exact). 

I am very aware that this post is waaaaay overdue, please forgive my laziness. Anyways, how's summer treating you?