Monday, April 14, 2014

Japan 2014 / 1: The City

(Photo and Edit by Alexandra Chua)

Hello! How's everyone? So today, I embarked on an adventure to Japan (together with my mom, and my cousins, aunt and uncle). I have to say, it wasn't my first time in a foreign country, and wasn't my first time in Japan. Nevertheless, every trip is a new experience and adventure. Take a look at my first day in the land of the sushi! 

I have always been fascinated with airplane rides. How you can transfer to another continent in a matter of hours. 

Window seats are the best! (Unless you're the type of person who uses the washroom a lot, window seats are a hassle then). When you're seated there, you could have the most comfortable sleeping position and have a beautiful view outside (except when you're at sky high).

Like I said, sitting at the window seat has it's perks. This was taken upon arrival at the Japan border. It looks so sleek, especially the second photo!

Mirror selfie! I had to have a change of outfit because what I wore on the plane ride was a knit sweater with big holes (which was not acceptable with the weather here in Japan: 18 degrees and windy).

Authentic Japanese food! I love Japanese food, especially Ramen (wherein I would reserve for the latter part of the tour).

And what I love about Japan is their attitude -- disciplined, respectful and humble. It's refreshing! Also, how safe it is to roam around the streets at 10 pm in the evening.

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