Friday, May 30, 2014

Name Labels 2014

I enjoyed making these labels so much! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Didn't Know I Was Going to Survive: Scuba Diving

When I was younger, I was pretty much comfortable with water, I loved swimming as a kid (in a pool). Snorkeling? Not as much. I used to loathe seeing fishes during our trip to the beach, but then I realized you won't really avoid them, so I avoid them. Crabs, fishes and even weird looking shells creeped me out back then. 

Nevertheless, I grew up and began to crave for adventure. And so I started out snorkeling, then my dad asked me if I was interested to take up Scuba Diving lessons. Scuba diving wasn't really new in our family. My mom and dad used to dive a lot, before I was born (circa 1995) and dove a few times a few years ago. When the question was presented to me, I immediately considered.

I never thought you actually had to take scuba diving lessons. I thought you just buy your gear, hop in a boat, and go straight down to the reefs. Boy, was I wrong. 

At first, going underwater wasn't as easy as it looked. You have to know principles of diving and it's rules, such as: a) never hold your breath, b) maintain neutral buoyancy (trust me, first day of dive class, I had to google what buoyancy meant) and a lot more.

But after classes and pool sessions (swimming pool, okay?), when you get to go to your check out dive (open water training), that's when it gets exciting… and a bit nerve wrecking.

They say, one of the golden rules of scuba is never hold your breath. When I saw the fishes, I CANT HELP BUT HOLD MY BREATH. I was so terrified, but then you hear a few lines from Finding Nemo at the back of your mind. Fish are friends, therefore we're friends, therefore they won't eat me. 

After our checkout dive, we had one more day trip to Anilao, Batangas, and had a legit dive. When I say legit, that means no classes are involved, no skills to be practiced. And, that is what the video is about, it was about my fun dive, last May 25!

So that concludes some of my dive lessons story. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed editing/making it!

I Didn't Know I Was Going to Survive:______ is a series that promotes being adventurous and trying out things you've always wanted to try (minus the slacking). Watch me fulfill a few things in my bucket list (or maybe something out of the blue) in every post with that as a title. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Name Labels Please!

(here are some of my name labels)

Hello! So lately, my has been filled with kindness (I have no idea what happened that everyone became sweet towards me, thank you again!) and questions about name labels. I remembering receiving an ask right after summer started regarding when I'd be taking requests on name label designs (not kidding). 


And so, here it is, folks! I'm willing to design TEN NAME LABELS for you guys! Also, if you're wondering how last year's Name Label designs turned out, click here. 

This will be on a first come, first serve basis! 

So yeah, I have a lot of spare time and I'd love to make your name label! And if you are interested, fill up this form, and I'd get back to you! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Japan 2014 / 2: Disneyland

It's been almost a month since my Japan trip and I haven't even finished half of this series. Anyway, it's better late than never. So in our second day in Japan, we went out to visit Disneyland! I didn't bother bringing my SLR since it was too heavy to begin with, and it would be such a hassle especially during rides. Here are a few photos I took from that day (and the photos of me were by my cousin).

After Disneyland, we headed back to our hotel, took a rest for an hour and went out shopping. I was fairly tired to go, but everything was much more cheaper in Japan. (Forever 21 dresses cost like Php 600, and it wasn't even on sale!)

We ended the night with some authentic Ramen at a Ramen bar (I finished some of my family's leftovers) 

That wraps up my post, to those who are inquiring about name labels, stay tuned!