Saturday, June 28, 2014

The 7 Fangirl Phases

The moment you fall in love with an album is one step closer to becoming the ultimate fangirl. Well.. that is in my case. Band obsessed and overdressed, here are the fangirl phases that I endure every time I discover a new artist.

1. Oh, hey! I love this song.
It starts out by discovering a new song. This is either through Spotify (which I highly recommend if you want to listen to new music), by word of mouth, or through the recommended videos on YouTube. At first, you start loving the rhythm and how all the instruments blend well together. Next, you start falling in love with the lyrics and start searching for them. And lastly, you become obsessed over the song, keeping it on replay and suggesting to every human being in the world.

2. This Album is Ridiculous…ly Awesome.
This is when you actually get a hold of the whole album (or EP) from where the single was taken off. You start playing the album a few times until you actually are familiar with some of the songs already. Then you go back to phase one, then start loving a certain song, then end up loving the whole album.

3. I Wonder How They Sound Live
You’re on YouTube, and you start to type a song off from their album and include the word ‘live’. Clicking on the first video that appeared, you start falling in love with the way the band plays together. Quickly, you become impressed how good they sound since they sound exactly like the studio recording. Afterwards, you start clicking on different live videos from the recommended videos on the right side of the screen.

4. Okay, let me get this straight, she is the drummer, and he is the lead guitarist, okay, got it!
This is when you start going to Wikipedia to read their history, and meet the band themselves. At first, you get confused on who’s who, then after a while you recognise them when you’re watching their live videos and interviews.

You quote everything they say during their interviews, their tour updates, their live videos and everything in between.  You stay up all night, looking for a good fan fiction to read, crying over the main character of the fan fiction and getting annoyed with the typical obnoxious girlfriend. You try your very best to get a hold of their merch, and constantly spam them for a followback or a reply. Basically, this is the transition period. You aren’t just a fan, you are the fangirl. 

You cry when there’s: a) a new album, b) a video update and etc. By the time you see them live for the first time, the first two songs are spent crying and the whole set is spent screaming everyone’s names.

7. I Am So Done.
You die down from your fangirl phase, and appreciate their music without the constant screaming and sudden ‘feels’. Congratulations, you have gone through the fangirl phase, and you are now a fan. You don’t feel the need to hoard all of their merchandise. Either way, this doesn’t make you less of a fan. You just buried all of your fangirl stories, and kept them safe, to retrieve them soon enough.

I personally go back to stages 5 & 6 more often than not. However, I do think that I’ve  overcome the fangirl phases… that is until I discover a new band/artist. How about you, at which phase are you at?

Disclaimer: This post is meant to share what I’ve gone through and are by no means to offend anyone. Also, these are based on my experience, so I wouldn’t say that everyone has the same opinion on the topic. After all, I am a fangirl.