Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bohol: In Which I Didn't Actually Visit the Chocolate Hills

When we were kids, our Social Studies teachers have always mentioned that Bohol is famous for it's Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills. But let me tell you what else it's famous for, it's diving sites, it's caves and it's Bee Farm. My trip to Bohol was too much of an adventure, although I really didn't get to see the Chocolate Hills or the Tarsiers.

On our first day, we arrived around 9 am in the morning, and immediately dove (scuba diving) at around 11 am. After three dives, we decided to go to our resort's house reef, and have a night dive. 

It was my first night dive, and definitely not the last, especially because I'm preparing for an Open Water II license in PADI. It was cold, and series of unfortunate events happened. First, our captain in our boat lost the key, so we we're practically stuck in the sea at 7pm, then we decided to just use the rubber boat. So when we were already at our descent, I had a very difficult time equalising with the pressure, considering that the temperature was really cold. So I signalled for help from my Dive Instructor/Dive Buddy, and told him the problem. So we went up a few feet more, and once I actually got to equalise, I deflated my BCD. When I was going down, I hit a coral real hard. It stung so bad, so I had to check my wet suit, and saw that I actually hit a sea urchin, and it's spikes are stuck onto my wet suit. There goes the story of how I ended up having my feet soaked into hot water (and not pee), and the Calamansi (Filipino lemon, I think?) melting the leftover spikes in my skin.

On our last day, our flight was scheduled at around 4:30 pm, going from Tagbilaran to Manila. At around 3:40, the airport staff were announcing a cancelled flight, due to an airplane stuck at the runway. There were only three flights in that small airport, so it was bound that our flight was to be cancelled. My dad rushed to the ticketing office nearby, and then the best option was to take a ferry at 5:30 pm going to Cebu, and from Cebu there is a flight to Manila at 10, and so we took the chance. 

We arrived the pier and settled at the pier at 5:10, with 20 more minutes to spare. Afterwards, the ferry started to board in passengers and we left at 6:14 pm (I remember I was on my phone). We arrived Cebu at around 8:05 pm and got into a car at around 8:30 pm. Finally we arrived the airport at  9 pm and boarded at 9:45, as the last people to board the plane. 

In the end I got a whole row to myself, and interesting experiences, both good and bad. I'm looking forward for more trips around the Philippines and more unfortunate and fortunate stories to tell.